Patrizia Leonardi

Future Emotion Wedding & Event Planner

I am Patrizia, a wedding and event planner. It’s basilar to be a planner and not to deal with wedding planning because my job is also a mission for me. Every wedding and event is a fascinating moment of creation. The couple talks about dreams, and my mission is to create their wedding style and plan every customized detail. Every wedding is born from listening and feeling with the couple. It is a sartorial organization of the wedding. After a career in marketing and sales and years spent within the environment of both national and international companies, I decided to dedicate myself to my passion: to be a wedding and event planner. I took a class held by ISP Italy and Assoimprenditori. My business was born 12 years ago. I decided to come as true to my dream. I am a planner and creative. Creativity and passion are my skills in realizing weddings and events. The Future Emotion is my creation, my dream.

Throughout the past years, I continued my training with unfading enthusiasm, keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, which I combined with direct experience and fieldwork.

I received different eulogies and reviews in Italy and abroad What is the best review? ”You are like one of the family!”… It is trust and empathy!

In 2021 I wrote a book in the Italian language “Sposarsi all’Estero” about my experience with weddings abroad and my “adventures” with some couples.

I am also a teacher!

In 2016 as a teacher at WEA Academy, a formative school to train future wedding planners and event managers.

Since 2017 as a teacher at PM Formazione, a formative school to train future wedding planners and event managers.

Since 2021 I created the Future Emotion School to train new wedding planner professionals.

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