I will help you to realize your Wedding Experience suggesting the best solutions for your dream wedding

Each couple is a world unto itself and deserves to find specific services that fully satisfy their needs. In response to this, we offers various service solutions that fully engage with your needs and meet your expectations. Our services includes complete planning of the event from the beginning of the process to the day of the wedding. We don't have packages because we prefer to create tailor-made events. We customize every detail of the wedding day, according to your wishes.


We make the food experience of your wedding memorable for yourselves and your guests. Selecting and checking out every aspect of the catering of your wedding is, of course, included in our duties.

Style & Dress

The bridal stylist is very requested in Italy, so much as it has become a full-time assistant and image consultant. Brides and grooms need someone to support them in their choice of dress and accessories for the most important day of their life!

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos are the key ingredients to capturing memorable scenes that you will treasure for the rest of your lives! You will be able to live your wedding day, again and again, remembering the most beautiful moments surrounded by the love of your family and friends and sharing all the love you have for each other!


There’s nothing more beautiful than moving between the two places in the car of your dreams. We are very well organized for all sorts of transportation plans and we know our whereabouts when it comes to reaching venues. Our experience allow us to guarantee all the transfers in detail.

Floral arrangements

The floral arrangements for a wedding are one of the beloved aspect of the planning! They can be truly creative: from fancy gazebos to suspended compositions, with chandeliers or long aisles with rose petals. The bet is finding truly expert wedding florists that have the right experience and know-how to allow you to create the settings of your dream wedding.

Music Entertainment

Music occupies a special place during both the wedding ceremony and reception. It can really set the mood of the marriage and create a mesmerizing atmosphere. Thanks to the collaboration with professional musicians, we know how to help you make the best musical choice throughout all the wedding.

Hairstyle & Makeup

One you’ve found your perfect dress with the perfect shoes, it’s the right time to complete the look with a hairstyle and make-up inspiration that pulls it all together. Hair stylists and make-up artists are key professionals in weddings. Taking care of hairstyle and make-up is essential for every bride… and groom. It is all part of the preparation time and it increase the emotion and expectations of the day. It is a matter of fact that these services not only enhance the natural beauty of the brides but also make them feel more confident when walking down the aisle and facing all the family members and friends.

Design & Stationery

Invitations, place cards, tableau mariage… these are not just details. These are the elements that give the first footprint and feeling of how your day will be to your guests! The stationery is an important element in weddings and deserves to be cared for and designed by an expert. It should follow and reflect the same style chosen for the ceremony and reception whether is it elegant or romantic, country-chic or modern. The invitations are the first thing that your guests will see about your event. They will give them a hint about what to expect, so they must be perfect!.


The venue is basilar to your wedding. The first step is where you would like to get married, the second is the wedding style. Each area has typical venues with different peculiarities. We help you to search for the area and venue for your wedding. After, our mission will be to design your wedding.


It’s an Italian tradition. Bomboniera is a gift and sugared almonds that the spouses deliver to the guests at the end of the reception. It can be an object or a typical food (oil, wine, etc). Usually, the witnesses have different gifts than other guests. Some couple prefers welcome gifts instead of bomboniere.

Welcome Wedding Bag

The welcome wedding bag is a gift for your guests. You can fill the bags with wedding essentials (for example, fans, beverages, pamperings, etc) and typical gifts (for example, olive oil, typical objects etc). We help you to customize your welcome wedding bag.

Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are the symbol of your union. There is different wedding rings type, traditional, modern, original etc. We suggest choosing it according to the wedding style.

Cake Designer

The cake designer will prepare the wedding cake and cape cakes in your wedding style. We can arrange the wedding cake table and the sweet table according to your wishes and the theme of the wedding. Usually, there are also sugared almonds which are typical Italian sweets.

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